Mid Week Results 02/10/2018

OK so two matches during the week in the EPL, the predictions were:

FixtureScore Prediction 1Score Prediction 2Score Prediction 3Score Prediction 4
Cardiff vs Burnley[18.253] 1-0[14.085] 0-0[12.123] 1-1[11.826] 2-0
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace[12.783] 1-1[10.722] 1-0[9.737] 0-1[8.391] 2-1

And the results are:

Cardiff vs Burnley1-2No
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace2-1Yes

So we are currently at 6 wins from 10, a 60% strike rate.

I will post predictions on Friday for EPL matches over the weekend.