Score Predictor Results 30/09/2018

Ok, so not a bad effort. Not going to be putting a deposit down on a Ferrari just yet but 5 correct predictions from 8 games was pretty good. I am going to keep testing this during the season and will also probably stick to the Premier League. The reason being one slight flaw in the Poisson model is that the results are weighted towards lower scores; that is why in fact there is another model called the Zero Inflated Poisson model.

I will be posting results as we go and making them freely available so keep checking back!

West Ham vs Man United3-1No
Arsenal vs Watford2-0Yes
Everton vs Fulham3-0No
Huddersfield vs Tottenham0-2Yes
Man City vs Brighton2-0Yes
Chelsea vs Liverpool1-1Yes
Newcastle vs Leicester0-2No
Wolves vs Southampton2-0Yes