The InPlay Tool

Apologies for the lack of updates on the site of late. Hopefully those of you that are using the Under 2.5 Sentinel are finding it of use to quickly identify potentially tradeable matches.

If you aren’t a member this tool is completely free (and will remain so) and you can sign up by simply going to the resources page. There is also a free PDF which shows you how to trade the 2.5 market.

OK, so the delay has been as all my efforts have gone into getting the InPlay tool working. I actually switched data providers as well to one that offers more leagues and more sports.

Now the InPlay tool *will* become a paid service but right now it’s an open Beta as I need to fine tune settings and tweak the user interface. I’m no designer and you might think it looks rubbish and that’s fine!

The key with this tool is to quickly identify matches where one team as much higher possession and/or had more dangerous attacks that indicate a goal might be coming. Here is the tool as it currently looks:

inplay match tool

In fact I used the tool the other evening, you can see here that Feyenoord were dominating VVV:

I actually waited until half-time before making a trade as I believed another goal was inevitable. In fact there were another 3!!!

If you haven’t please join today and you will get an email in the next couple of days so you can access the InPlay tool.