The Sentinel

So, the first version of the Sentinel (as it keeps an eye on things for you!) is available. Just follow the link above. You do need to register but this part of the tool is free and will remain free.

However I will be adding in play monitoring as there are other strategies that rely on certain statistics at certain points in a game. This will require you to purchase Ben Michaels’ excellent Ultimate Football Trading. This is not currently open but once it is I will let you know and will be doing a deal if you sign up via me.

My immediate plans for the under 2.5 sentinel are:

  • Add price history – the database is recording this but I need to think of the best way to visualise it. The idea being if in the hours before kick-off the price is on an upward or downward trend you can see this and maybe steal a few ticks pre kick-off
  • Add monitoring for the first 10 minutes of a game. If you can’t actually watch a match then you need to look at the prices. If a match starts with a fast pace and the market expects a goal then the price is not going to move in very far. We are looking to typically have 50% of our lay stake by about the 10-12th minute. If we haven’t it might be worth getting out for a small profit. By showing matches where the price hasn’t moved in by 40 ticks means we can get out and preserve our bank!

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy of the Under 2.5 trading PDF which is free you can find it on the resources page.