Whats Coming Up…

OK (yawn) another update post…but there are some changes coming.

So first off I thought it would be useful to include league positions in the under 2.5 sentinel as there is a big difference between evenly matched teams and games where the teams are at opposite ends of the table!

under 2.5 football trading
New Home and Away Team League Positions

Now this won’t be 100% to start with as in the database I have over 5000 team names in my database, the challenge being that the team names between Betfair and the API I use to get league and in-play data have some slight differences. A ball ache but there is no way to automatically do this, its going to have to be a manual job! At the moment I have over 330 mis-matches so over time the league position data will improve.

On top of this I will also be adding the last 5 home and last 5 away matches so again you can quickly shortlist selections. The whole key with this tool is at a glance you will have all the data you need in one place.

This change will be live in the next few days.

The Over 2.5 Market Sentinel

I have had a few requests for this so will be adding this as well. This will be for matches that have been in-play for 10-20 minutes and no goals scored. Over time I will add stats like shots on target etc. to see if that helps. At the moment I simply call the Betfair API where match time is greater than the current time which is why you see them drop off the under 2.5 sentinel.

An App

For anyone interested I have added some technical blurb below but I have been working under the hood to make it easy to hook everything up to a mobile app. That way you can get matches of interest on your phone. Initially it will be for iPhone (as I used to do iOS dev before) and then later on Android.

Lay the Draw

Now this isn’t a lay the draw from kick-off, this is a lay the draw from half-time as the odds will be better. So again the idea is you can quickly see a list of in-play matches that are at half time with the either a score or no-score being reached. By the way Ben at sports trading life has some good LTD videos, worth checking out his channel here.

Thats about it for now…..

The Techie Stuff

So historically the Under 2.5 sentinel has been pulling data from a mysql database on shared hosting. This is being fed by a routine that was running on a Windows VPS. I decided that I wanted to create a REST API that I could consume and then re-use the API for a mobile app. What I didn’t bank on was that as this site is on SSL, connecting to my REST API on non-SSL has been a royal pain in the backside.

I also decided to switch from Windows to Linux. Reason being that I can now install Microsoft SQL Server on Linux (and its been running flawlessly) and obviously all my python code runs on Linux fine. That means I can get a beefier spec. VPS running Linux and decommission the windows VPS. By the way if you are interested I use Vultr for my VPS, cannot fault them. The best thing being you can upload your own custom ISOs so for instance with Windows you don’t need to be paying monthly for the windows license. Worth checking out their prices vs people like Digital Ocean, Vultr are here.

So the REST API (running on Python + Flask + nginx + SQL Server) all sits on my VPS and I can simply make the calls to the API as needed. So like a say a fair amount of work going on behind the scenes but I am comitted to making this service fast and reliable.