Another Catch-up

Just wanted to let you know whats been going on. I need to get more pro-active with these uodates! Aplogies as you may have noticed the odd outage on the Under 2.5s feed a couple of times. I have moved from one Virtual Private Server (VPS) and from Windows to linux so had a couple of teething issues.

That said it should all be sorted now and I will be building out everything on the new Linux VPS platform. Please don’t think that just because this feed is free I am ignoring it; I am committed to providing a decent servicefor both free and paid offerings.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries/requests about feeds. I am still working on the in-play tool and once that is done will be returning to simple ‘sentinel’ like tools. For example if you wanted a shortlist of all games where there is a strong fave (below evens) and say the 0-0 correct score price is above 15s then show the game, that sort of thing. Just being able to shortlist up-coming games based on set criteria I think is a great time-saver.

I am focused on football for now but I also have access to Betfair historic pricing for horses. So for example could bring up a race card and show horses that moved X ticks the last X times out. Further down the line I will also be looking at showing alerts for Tennis.