January Update

Apologies for the delay, no I haven’t fallen down a hole and I realise updates have been slow.

I was away on holiday for 2 weeks and with the xmas period didn’t do *that* much!

Although I haven’t been completely inactive. I have still been working, testing and refining the in-play tool. In fact I am after a few beta testers so if you are interested please drop your details on the contact page and I will let you have access.

I have been moving to a new API provider and a new virtual server and moving code from python 2.7 to python 3.6 so plenty going on! Trouble is as punters you won’t notice much difference, it’s just for longer term performance and scaling improvements. So what’s coming up soon?

  • An IOS app for the under 2.5 sentinel. I did some work and have an intermediate layer that returns data in a certain format (JSON for those tech heads) which means I can consume it far easier in an iphone app.
  • Trend lines on the under 2.5 tool so you can possibly profit on pre-match moves. Just today as I write this the Man City Wolves game was at 2.84 for the under 2.5s and by kick-off was 2.74.
  • Last 5 stats. So again for the under 2.5 tool its useful to see the last 5 results for the home and away team. This will probably be done as popup when hovering over a team name.
  • Release the in-play tool. First version will basically show in-play stats. The plan later on is to allow you to create custom filters so you can be notified when specific criteria are met.

Thta’s about it for now. My old API provider has just released a prediction service which I am trialling and will keep you updated. Please use the contact form if there is anything you would like to see, access to specific data for a given league/time period etc. I will do what I can!